About Us

  • Eagle Ridge Taxidermy Studio is located in the Foothills 9 miles West of Golden, CO. A short drive up Coal Creek Canyon on paved Highway 72.
  • Since 1996 we have offered Custom Quality Trophy mounting in the Rocky Mountain Area.
  • Doug Krogh a lifelong Coloradoan , an avid Hunter Sportsman, has been applying his artistic taxidermy skills for over 21 yrs. Mounting numerous species from the World over.
  • Providing personalized service for Clients from Alaska to Florida.
  • Show Quality Mounts from Rugs, to Life Size, to Themed Habitats, to Mobile Lighted Dioramas.
  • Our Special "Trophy Cleaning & Restoration" Service is affordable and will preserve your Trophies for many more years. "CONTACT US".
  • Our Goal is to complete your project in 6 months or less.
  • All our tanning is done for us by professional tanneries ensuring the best quality mounts.
  • Free Pickup and Delivery in the Denver Metro Area, "CONTACT US".
  • Full service Shipping is available upon request.

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